Web research and data collection

The Internet contains a huge wealth of information that can be utilised effectively by UK companies and individuals alike to provide research material on almost any subject. Conducting intelligent web research can help business gather important information to gain advantage over its competitors.


We are a Manchester based company with vast experience in researching the Internet to extract data and information for various uses. We will undertake most web research tasks and are dedicated to providing a thorough research of the Internet to find the web researchinformation that counts.


Following are examples of just some of the web research tasks that can be undertaken:


>> Company or product competitor analysis
>> ata collection on companies
>> Collation and compilation of data
>> Researching different markets on the Internet
>> Searching for specific websites
>> Product research and classification
>> Products and service price analysis
>> Product specifications
>> Location of retailers and distributors


We are based in Manchester, Uk and we are experienced in undertaking labour intensive web research exercises. We use a combination of Internet researching tools and techniques to extract the information and data that you require.

Your data will be researched and presented in your desired format, ready to be shared electronically.