DATA ENTRY Outsourcing

Data Processing and Entry Outsourcing

We provide data entry service for UK companies that need to outsource the mundane tasks for which they do not have internal resource. We are a company based in Manchester helping businesses from across the UK.


Companies looking for data entry service can be those requiring data entry from order forms, completed surveys and questionnaires, feedback forms etc. Some of our services include:

data entry

>> High Volume Data Entry
>> Data collection, organising, editing, copying, pasting, sorting and indexing in the desired

formats for improved data management
>> Capturing and collation of data from the Internet or other media and sources
>> Data entry from offline or online forms
>> Data entry service and data analysis from web sites
>> Data entry in formats such as numeric or alphanumeric
>> Entry of data from books, magazines, manuals, and any other online and offline publications
>> Conversion and entry of data from e-books
>> Converting and entering data from image formats
>> Hard Book scanning and conversion to electronic format
>> Digitisation of paper based documents and Drawings
>> Data entry from forms, surveys questionnaires, reports etc.
>> Data Cleaning
>> PDF Conversion.


We can automate processes to allow efficient data entry service by using software that can read handprint text, barcodes, OMR codes etc. You may be a company carrying out survey questionnaires on your company’s behalf or on the behalf of a client, needing the final returned mass data entering onto a database. Outsourcing this activity to us will help you concentrate on the actual job in hand of data analysis instead of utilising valuable time doing mundane tasks. Some of our work also included:


1. Abstracting and Indexing.
2. E-books publishing.
3. Online Data Entry and Remote Verification
4. Internet Research, Email Mining and Customized List Making


We can handle thousands of documents using the state of the art tools. We use a combination of manual and automated data entry techniques to cope with hand printed text (ICR).


Our very competitive costs means that we're a good choice if you need a professional team to carry out accurate data entry at high speeds. Outsourcing to us will mean that you save money on the more costly option of employing and training extra staff to carry out work that could be done by a highly experienced team. Our data entry staff are fully trained in entering data from documents at a very high pace