Form Conversion

If your are a UK based company involved with regular capture of data on hard copy forms then we can help you convert the captured handwritten data into an electronic format for easy retrieval, analysis and storage. Our form processing service helps UK companies avoid stacks of paper storage and eases the burden of data management. Some examples of form processing include:

forms processing

>> Processing of survey and questionnaire forms
>> Processing of insurance claims forms
>> Processing medical record forms
>> Managing and processing marketing research data
>> Other claim forms such as credit card application forms
…and many more


Our cost effective form data processing service helps you organise and manage your data in a much more efficient way. The conversion of hard copy data into an electronic format adds security and productivity to your operation.


We can help process a variety of data forms and convert them to an electronic format. Whether you are planning to convert the data contained on your survey forms or looking to convert handwritten application forms, we can help you get started.


We use the latest form processing and data conversion techniques to achieve accurate results. We combine technology with manual data entry techniques to get the best results for you.